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  • 12 x Inhibitor 1Ltr +FREE Len Da Hand

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12 x Inhibitor 1Ltr

Inhibits scale and corrosion in all types of systems.

Helps to maintain system efficiency and conserve fuel.

Protects all metal against corrosion - including steel, copper, brass and aluminium.

A general purpose treatment that protects against corrosion and scale build up in all types of water circulation central heating systems.

  • Balanced buffered PH - protects against acid build up corrosion.
  • Improves boiler and system efficiency - reduces fuel consumption.

Application: To inhibit corrosion, scale, boiler noise and hydrogen gassing add Corrosion Inhibitor, for best results the system should be cleaned and flushed in accordance with BS7593:2006 using either General Purpose Flush or Power Flush Cleaner.

Dose rate: One litre of Corrosion Inhibitor is sufficient to treat a typical domestic central heating system of up to ten radiators. For larger systems an additional bottle may be required. Overdosing does not present a problem. 

Dosing Instruction:-

Open vented systems: Dose through the fill and expansion system - sufficient water must be drained from the system to ensure that all of the product enters the circulating part of the system;

Sealed systems: if the system is empty add to any convenient point before filling: if full, dose through any convenient access point.



+FREE 1 x Len Da Hand

The 'Handy' plumbers mate you should never be without!

Len Da Hand's strong flexible arm allows it to support a pipe at an infinite number of angles whilst you work on it.

The steel hand attached to the flexible arm allows it to support pipes incredibly close to the joint whilst soldering.

The strong clamp enables the unit to be fixed to pipes of a diameter up to 1½". Also ideal for solvent weld products.

The clamp has 2 slots to allow Len Da Hand to securely fasten to a ceiling, wall or any other surface. 

Len's hand.

Lens hand is made out of a ferritic stainless steel.


Type 1.4003 stainless steel is a utility ferritic stainless steel, often used in place of mild steel. It offers the benefits of more highly alloyed stainless steels such as strength, corrosion and abrasion resistance, durability and low maintenance.

  • 250 times greater corrosion resistance than mild steel 
  • Corrosion/abrasion resistant 
  • High Strength 
  • Excellent impact resistance 
  • Can eliminate need for protective coating 
  • Can eliminate need for corrosion allowance 
  • Proven success in many applications across a wide range of industries 
  • Good performance at elevated temperatures 

Len's Clamp

Len's clamp is made of glass filled nylon making it extremely tough and durable.

What the inventor says..

I regularly came across a problem while soldering copper pipework. When you heat up the pipe and fitting with your blow torch, if the pipework is not supported properly, the pipe will move or drop due to the capillary action. This causes the weld to break, leaving you the headache of re-cleaning the pipe and fitting and starting the whole process again. 

Five years ago. I came up with an idea to solve this. I have worked closely with a design team to create my new product, Len Da Hand. This innovative new product will help save time and help you work more efficiently. I hope you enjoy using it! 

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12 x Inhibitor 1Ltr +FREE Len Da Hand

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